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 Torres del Paine has not aiport. The closer airports are located in Puerto Natales (only operate from november to march) at 140 kilometers, Punta Arenas with daily flights from Santiago and Puerto Montt at 390 kilometers and El Calafate in Argentina at 350 kilometers.


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Airport Transfer

Only private transfers from and to Torres del Paine from or to  Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas or EL Calafate airport. 


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Private Transfer

There are private transfers services  from Torres del Paine to: Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, EL Calafate, EL Chalten, Rio Gallegos and Ushuaia.

To get to El Calafate, El Chalten and Ushuaia, Argentina on the same day, take note that the border close at 08.00 PM, we recommend traveling as early as possible.


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There is buses  running from Puerto Natales bus station to Torres del Paine and returns. Departures from Torres del Paine at noon and afternoon with stops in Conaf, Pudeto and Laguna Amarga. 

There is not buses services to Punta Arenas, El Calafate neither EL Chalten, you have to make connections through Puerto Natales.

For services to Argentina is highly recommended book with several days in advance.

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Rent a Car

In Torres del Paine there is not car rental agencies, you have to hire in Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas or in EL Calafate.

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