Torre Norte Shelter

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Availability: Todo el Año

Refugio Torre Norte. 
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Located at the beginning of the W Circuit in Las Torres sector. From this place you start the W Circuit going to the Famous Base of the Towers.

The most popular access to the National Park is through “Portería Laguna Amarga”, where you may connect with shuttles that take the visitors to Las Torres sector.

Located at 100 metres from Refugio Torre Central.

.Capacity: 60 people, 10 shared – mixed dorms for 6 people each, with 3 bunk beds.
.Accommodation: MADE UP BED (includes sheets and cover bed) or SIMPLE BED (for use of own sleeping bag).
.Facilities: Lounge.
.Slow burning stoves (wood).
.Shared Bathrooms.
.Check in and meals are in Refugio Torre Central.


The accommodation at the Refugios is in shared – mixed dorms in bunk beds and in each Refugio there are shared bathrooms (rooms have not private bathrooms).
Depending on the Refugio, rooms have a capacity between 6 to 8 people.

The kind of accommodation can be: MADE UP BED (includes: sheets and cover bed), SIMPLE BED (for the use of own sleeping bag) or BED + Sleeping bag, depending
on the Refugio.

Kind of accommodation per Refugio:.

.Refugio Torre Central: MADE UP BED.
.Refugio Torre Norte: MADE UP BED or SIMPLE BED.
.Refugio El Chileno and Los Cuernos: BED + Sleeping bad or SIMPLE BED.
.Cabins Los Cuernos: MADE UP BED..
.Meals: the accommodation does not include any meals; each of them must be purchased separately.

Camping: It is possible to rent equipment: sleeping bag, tents and insulation mat (we recommend you to do it in advance).

IMPORTANT: IS NOT ALLOWED TO COOK INSIDE THE REFUGIOS, if you want to cook your own food the only place available is in the Campings.







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