Magdalena Island Speed boats

Navegaciones en Punta Arenas

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 Magdalena Island Penguins Tour
Speed boats in Punta Arenas


.Season: From + - October 09 until + - April 15.
.Departures: 10.00 AM from Punta Arenas office located in the center.
.Return:  + -  15.30 hours to Punta Arenas office.
.Lasts: + - 4,5 hours
.Dificultty:None. Suitable for all ages.
.Physical Requirements: It is aimed at people in good physical condition, used to moderate walks on uneven terrain.
.Outfit: Due to the nature of the boats and the climatic conditions of the region it is highly recommended to wear warm and waterproof clothing. Warm clothes, raincoat jacket, sunglasses, sun screen, gloves, backpack (40lts).
.The navigation is done in Ribs covered boats.
.The time of stay in Isla Magadalena is 1 Hour.
.It is forbidden the use of camera tripods or sticks on the island, since this object might affect penguins (Spheniscus magellanicus), specially when they are in the reproduction cycle. 


Price ch$  63.000.- pesos chilenos  / + - u$d 98.-

.Include transportation to the port + navigation + entrance fees to the reserve.


Sail daily trought the Magellan Strait to Isla Magdalena and Isla Marta, both of them form the Natural Monument Los Pinguinos, who protect at more than 120.000 penguins and also a small colony of sea lions.

Both islands form an interesting ecosystem, making an obligatory visit for any visitor, whereas Marta Island lodges more than 1000 Sea lions, 

Cormorants, Skuas, Austral seagull, Antartic pigeon and Sea elephants. The Magdalena Island allows us to interact with one of the majors colonies of Magellan Penguins, going beyond the 150,000 birds. During the navigation it is possible to sight Austral Dolphins and Overas Toninas (kind of dolphins).

To protect wild life, Marta Island is only circumnavigated to admire and photograph the Colony and the diversity of marine birds that live there.  However in Magdalena Island it is possible to disembark for about one hour, to walk and to interact with the colony. This excursion departure is from our office every day, depending on weather conditions.


.This program depends on weather conditions and the pass of the Maritimal Authority.

.The captain can modify the itinerary or shorten the tour depending on the weather conditions in order to avoid accidents, thus  making the best of each tour.

.If you buy on line, you must pick up the tickets at our office before the excursion.

.Services begin and end at the Punta Arenas office, located in the center.

.Like all activity in the nature "all times" informed about duration of activities are approximate and depend largely on climatic  factors always prioritizing comfort, safety and enjoyment of our customers


.Transfer to private port from office in downtown Punta Arenas.

.Navigation and tour on Magdalena Island

.English guide.

.Entrance fees to penguin reserve.

  • Tour Guide

.Transfers from hotel to office in Punta Arenas center.

.Meals and beverages.


  • Foods and Drinks
  • LaunchBox

.Only parents or adults travelling with children will be responsible for them.




a) TERRESTRIAL TRANSPORT: If navigation in the port of embarkation is suspended, as a result of adverse weather conditions, having already made the terrestrial move,
this cost will be retained without return option.


b) NAVIGATION: Two regular navigations are considered
-To both Magdalena island and Marta island
– Only to Magdalena island


In case of not disembarking at Magdalena Island, the price paid for this service will be totally refunded.




By law, the company has an insurance policy for each passenger in case of accident. The company’s responsibility is limited to the insurance coverage amount.


The company “Canales Patagónicos” has not responsibility for damage or loss of equipment, money or any other sort, during the time the excursion lasts.

Only parents or adults travelling with children will be responsible for them.





Since the boats are uncovered, passengers are recommended to wear the following garments and accessories:


– Warm clothes or thermal and waterproof wear
– Gloves
– Cap with earflaps
– Comfortable trekking shoes or boots (Not sandals at all)
– Personal backpack with bags inside for keeping items dry
– Sunglasses with UV protection
– A supply of sun cream of suitable factor for their skin




a) The travel program will vary depending on weather conditions. Maritime authorities can, at any time, cancel the trip program if navigation conditions are
not proper for the boat to set sail.

b) The master or skipper of the boat can prevent any tourist from embarking if he considers it a risk for the passengers to aboard or if the tourist is not in
good fitness and health conditions for the excursion.

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