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What to Bring

List of equipment for Patagonia Trips

To travel through the Patagonia it’s always convenient to carry in your luggage the following items:


.Good sunglasses and sunblock lotions.

.A hat, and a cap if you go to the mountains.

.Warm gloves for the mountain.

.A small backpack for for daily tours.

.Batteries for cameras and camcorders. Memory cards


.Light shoes wear , strong and comfortable, terkking type shoes, and warm clothes for high mountain trips, rainproof and waterproof.

.Rubber and apres ski boots, as well as high heel shoes are not allowed.


Passangers travelling to Chile


.It's forbiden bring organic food to Chile. In the borders the custom office staff use scanners and fine are up to U$D 500.- american dollars.


Dear customers, we ask them to note that there is to enter Argentina Reciprocity visa  Fees that applies to citizens of  Canada and Australia.

It is obtained by Internet or at Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini international airport in Buenos Aires, but if your passenger ride starts in Chile  via Torres del Paine,  Puerto Natales,  Punta Arenas  or any other border of Patagonia, should remind you to process the rate as in these  borders can not be obtained.



Weather and Clothing

Weather in Patagonia


The weather in Patagonia is cold most of the year, but you will find the ambiance at hotels, restaurants, and transportation very well heated.

Here we dress “Onion” style, and it’s most recomended, this will allow you to either take off or add clothing depending where you are So you have to pack a winter parka, and a waterproof one , sweater or fleece shirts, turtleneck and cotton T-shirts.

Add to that several pairs of socks (take an extra one when going on a tour) and shoes that adapt best to the terrain.

The best thing is to take with you leather shoes with rubber soles, like the trekking boots kind, or nautical shoes or sneackers, During the winter season don’t forget gloves, scarfe and a hat or cap.

Depending on the season and the destinations, if it’s summer , you can include some beach wear and sandals.

Please do not forget to bring sunglasses and sun block lotion no maatter what time of the year you are coming.

Like all activity in the nature "all times" informed about duration of activities are approximate and depend largely on climatic factors always prioritizing comfort, safety and enjoyment of our customers.

Physical Aptitude

Regardless of how easy the trekks or hikes could be, it’s always convenient to be in good physical shape and healthy, because only then you will be able to fully enjoy the many different activities.

We can divide the activities in 2  levels of difficulty and Physical Requirements:


A.Dificultty: None. Suitable for all ages.

.Physical Requirements: It is aimed at people in good physical condition, used to moderate walks on uneven terrain.


B.Dificultty: Medium. Due to the difficult terrain, this trekking is recommended only for people in good physical condition, considering that trekking will be across irregular surfaces. For that purpose, participants should not have any injuries in ankles, knees or hips.


.Physical Requirements: Passanger’s  with heart problems or physical mobility and pregnant women are not allowed

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