La Ollita Restaurant

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Availability: Todo el Año

La Ollita Restaurant.
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.Salmón Crocante
Salmon grilled with sesame seeds, walnuts and chia, with white wine sauce, butter with a touch of garlic and merkén

.Merluza estilo La Ollita
.Our Hake La Ollita style is prepared on the grill and is covered with sauce with julienne, garlic and onion sautéed in olive oil and cochayuyo in juliana.

.Paila al Pil Pil
Our Paila al Pil is prepared with fine seafood, sautéed in olive oil, chili pepper and goat.

Picada Caliente
La Picada Caliente is one of our classic dishes and consists of a variety of preparations based on sea products presented in wells of clay.


Address: # 1290, Costanera Vicente Pérez Rosales street, Puerto Chico, Puerto Varas - Chile.


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