La Jardineria Restaurant

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La Jardineria Restaurant.
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La Jardinera is born inspired by the English gastropub, a gastronomic concept that emphasizes the quality of the food, the relaxed atmosphere in which it
Is served and a careful focus on the excellence of the food offered and its preparation, giving rise to delicious dishes, sophisticated touches and delicate flavors, accompanied by the best wines and a careful selection of beers.

From the magnificent experience lived in the capital of the United Kingdom the Somelier Magda Saleh and the chef Rodrigo Trabucco, gave life to dream, La Jardinera
Restaurant, transferring all the British tradition to the beautiful city of Puerto Varas, personally managing its restaurant, based on the concept of
Excellence that both experienced, but imprinting the familiar and warm touch of the south of our country.


.Martes to Saturday 13: 00 to 15:30 - 20:00 to 23:00 hs


Address: # 1160, Blanco Encalada street, Puerto Chico, Puerto Varas - Chile.

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