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Availability: Todo el Año

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Water and Earth spirits of nature, are part of the Great Spirit, the entire creation. Water and Earth were born together at the beginning of all time and stay 

together forever in different ways, as snow, rain, valley, wind, mountain ... changing, growing, moving, serving the world, that is their nature, for that
have been created.

Aquaterra Lodge is located in the heart of the city of Puerto Natales. At the end of the world where water is combined with the Earth


Our rooms are designed to enjoy a comfortable rest and decorated by the warmth for each guest.
4 Double room (ensuite) 7 Double Rooms Twin (ensuite) 1 Triple room (ensuite) 1 Twin Double room (bathroom in front of the Hab.) Central Heating rest Salita
Massage Room Wi Fi.


.Central heating
.Free Internet access
.Breakfast included
.Break room


Adress: 299 Bulnes street - Puerto Natales - Patagonia - Chile


.Central heating
.Free Internet access
.Breakfast included

  • Breakfast
  • WIFI

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