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Angelmo market.
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The Angelmó Artisans are located at the entrance of the Angelmó Market more than 35 years ago, Although they have been living in the Caleta for much longer,
Approximately 60 years.
They are visited annually by tourists from all over the world, including personalities like Queen Cristina Infanta of Spain, former President Bush Padre,
Big stars of Cinema like the protagonists of the Angels of Charlie, etc. It works 365 days a year and is attended by its creators of this beautiful art, we find here crafts in wool, hides, wood, basketry,
Jewels of silverware and pencils, among other handicrafts. All of them proud to belong to this Fair.
The fair began more than 60 years ago, after a municipal ordinance, the merchants who had to raise their businesses could do so.
They were land occupied by rubble where the sea came in ocaciones to the other side of the street.
The artisans of Angelmó are family groups whose experience has passed 4 generations. Three of the founders still work: Ms. Adelia Reimilla,
Lidia Reimilla and Ms. Honora Muñoz.
From its beginnings next to the market of palafitos with mesons and easels, to its premises overlain of Larch wood. Welcome...

As a box of surprises surprise the antiques and various objects that can be found by the workshops of Angelmó; Sccafandras and anchors that date of ends
Of 1800, objects of decoration brought from Island of Easter, let be accompanied by the kindness of people.

Leather Workshops
The manufacture of exclusive articles made 100% by hand, with the quality that prestige this branch of art in the South of Chile. Cuts, dyed and cooked leather,
Following ancestral traditions that give rise to pieces with great quality with touches of professionalism that make these products the most famous in their area.
Welcome to the virtual world of the Artisans of Angelmó.

Predominate in this type, jewels made with lapislazuli silver and stone; Stone native to Chile, which is extracted more than four thousand meters above sea level,
Of blue sky surprises this stone vetoed by minerals that insert in it generate a work done by the nature that adapted in rings, rings and
Fine silver necklaces form an exquisite art form.

There are also stalls selling different kinds of wool with artisan dyes, woods, cheeses, jams, sausages and seafood.


Adress: # 1679, Vicente Perez Rosales street, Puerto Varas, Chile.

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