Valdivia full day tour

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Valdivia full day tour.
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.Season: All the year.
.Departures from Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas
.Departures: Daily
.Pick up time + - 08.00 AM
.Return + - 08.00 PM
.Lasts: + - 12 hours
.Dificultty: None. Suitable for all ages.
.Physical Requirements: It is aimed at people in good physical condition, used to moderate walks on uneven terrain.
.Not include meals & Beverages. Boxlunch.
.Outfit: Sport shoes, Comfortable sports wear, long trousers,
warm sweater or pile, water or windproof jacket, sun glasses, sun block, gloves.

Valdivia delights their visitants with a particular beauty, native surroundings and a special history that gives to this fluvial city a stron personality on its own.
The city was founded for Pedro de Valdivia, he did it on the year 1522 and from that moment was a thriving, with notable historical events place.
The first stop is the Arturo Prat Avenue or river side road, main pedestrian promenade along the Calle Calle River, where the River Market, jet boat excursion and
shipyards impact the visitors, also a visit for the typical fair, where fresh seafood are offered, fruits and vegetables of the islands. Across the river we see
the buildings and Historical Museum of Contemporary Art.
After visiting the market we go to General Lagos Av, the oldest neighborhood of the city, where we will see the Canelo Tower, a sort of lookout post used by the
Spanish in colonial times to protect the people from the natives and pirates.
Returning to the downtown area, we see the San Francisco church and the Republic Main Square, appreciating the details of their gardens and gazebo, the Government House and the cathedral.
Then we cross the Pedro de Valdivia Bridge towards the Teja Island, we depart from the city to follow the river side road to Niebla and Los Molinos beach crossing bridges, docks and the area where the Cruces river meets Calle Calle river to form the Valdivia river, meeting the horizon of the Pacific ocean in all it`s splendor:a magnificent view.
Niebla Castle, situated in a strategic place facing the sea, has left traces that marked the Valdivia city History, during the events of the XVII century, when it
was established the defense system ther. At the museum, showcases shares (documents, flags, clothes) that expose the ambitions of the pirates. Outside, stone walls built of cancagua and cannons made in the Motherland (Spain) are silent representatives of the historical past.


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.The tour operator can modify the itinerary or shorten the tour depending on the weather conditions in order to avoid accidents, thus making the best of each tour.

.Like all activity in the nature "all times" informed about duration of activities are approximate and depend largely on climatic factors always prioritizing comfort, safety and enjoyment of our customers

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