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Puerto Montt, the city. 
What to do and see in Puerto Montt


Puerto Montt is a commune and city of southern Chile, capital of the province of Llanquihue and the region of Los Lagos, has a population of 238 455 inhabitants and an area of ??1673 km²; In it resides approximately 27% of the population of the region of Los Lagos.
It is located in the heart of Reloncaví and has a protected bay on the western side of Tenglo Island.

 The city of Puerto Montt, together with neighboring Puerto Varas, form an incipient metropolitan area called Puerto Montt-Puerto Varas Conurbation, which had about 280,000 inhabitants in 2015.5

Puerto Montt is also important because it is the regional capital and, therefore, the headquarters of the regional executive and judicial power. The city is the bridge of union with Southern Chile, since it leaves from the air flights and maritime connections that lead to the southern regions of Chile, communicating cities like Coyhaique, Puerto Aysen, Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas, to which there is no land access from Chilean territory, which requires passage through Argentina

Or the use of barges or barges for intermediate sections, being the continental city closest to the archipelago of Chiloé, which is connected to the mainland by means of ferries, boats and boats of different sizes.

 In the environs of the city, to 46 km of the city you can find the National Park Alerce Andino and to 56 km of Puerto Varas is located National Park Vicente Pérez Rosales. Close to the city is also the Llanquihue National Reserve, known for tourist attractions such as the Calbuco Volcano and

Its proximity to Lago Chapo, besides diverse waterfalls and other geographical points of its faldeos.

From the highest point of the city, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Tenglo Island. In the center the Plaza de Armas, the pier of the costanera and its Cathedral, enjoying in the route of its architectonic inheritance and mixture of cultures besides having varied walks of purchases (malls) among which is the Mall Paseo del Mar in the coastal sector is located the Mall Paseo Costanera both concentrate around one million and half visits each month.

 The creek and seafood market of Angelmó is widely known for the variety of dishes offered in the adjoining cookery and by the reputed Craft stalls. Near to Angelmó is Tenglo Island, which can be circumnavigated in fishing boats that are approached in the same creek. Angelmó was immortalized in the work of the painter Arturo Pacheco Altamirano.

 Also it emphasizes the spa of Pelluco, which also is known for having varied gastronomy and night clubs; Which form a part important of the bohemia of the city of Puerto Montt.

The most outstanding activities in Puerto Montt are: Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas city tour, Osorno Volcano tour and return to Llanquihue Lake, National Park Alerce Andino navigation lake Llanquihue, visits to Valdivia, island of Chiloe, Ancud and Castro.


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