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Yatch Club Restaurant.
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At present it is a well known and prestigious Restaurant, distinguished by the quality of its meals, unique in its kind, representing a tourist icon for the
City of Puerto Montt, known nationally and internationally for its location on the sea and its construction type palafito.
Our administration has a wide experience, in particular in this place for more than 14 years attending events of companies, marriages, groups of people,
Birthdays, farewells, graduations, luncheons and business dinners, executives and general public, national and international.
We have taken care of movie actors such as ghost hunters, the Kennedy family, great national sportsmen, politicians, lawmakers, state ministers,
local authorities.

Salon Cordillera with view to the sine Reloncavi and bay of Pelluco with capacity for 60 people, has a stove that allows to offer meats to the grill and
Roasted to order on request.
Panoramic Room for its unparalleled position offer a wide view to Seno Reloncaví, to the bay and city of Puerto Montt, can accommodate 240 people.

Great variety of dishes, with specialties in seafood and fish, molluscs and grilled meats (to the coal).


.Turbot with Salsa de Centolla, a delicacy of our coasts
.Lake of Peruvian Salmon with Lemon, Onion, Potato & Choclo
.Horse of Black Sesame Croquet, one of our last creations
.Salmon to the "Meli Mei", with Spinach & Chili Pepper Sauce



.Sopa Marinera "Yacht Club" with the best of our sea
.Pulpo al Pil Pil, sautéed with Ají Cacho de cabra y Ajo
.Langosta with Oysters sauce to the Ciboulette of Juan Fernández to the Patagonia
.Crêpes de Espinaca stuffed with Centolla, a safety pin

Chilean Dishes


.Surf & Turf Steak & Shrimp in Cheese Sauce
. Lamb Chop with Mint Sauce as only in Patagonia you can try
. Meli Mei Chicken with Spinach & Chili Pepper Sauce
.Lomo Ajo Arriero with Paprika, Garlic Chilote and Tomato

We have protected parking in uncovered courtyard of Mall Costanera.



.Lunch: 12:00 to 16:00
.Tuesday: 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.


Tel: + 56-652284000
Tel: + 56-652282810

Address: # Juan 200, Soler Manfredini street, 200 meters from the Plaza de Armas, Puerto Montt, Chile

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