Sabores patagónicos

Restaurantes en Perito Moreno

Availability: Todo el Año

Sabores Patagonicos.
Perito Moreno restaurants


Hotel y Restaurant Americano also has a spacious lounge / restaurant equipped with a suitable space for 60 people. There you can enjoy all meals
(breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner).
In addition the restaurant offers the possibility to find traditional dishes and special dishes. Saturdays also has a typical Argentinean parrillada.


.Pork chops
.Breaded beef escalope
.Chicken grille
.Pepper Steak
.Matambre Sauteed Pork with onions and peppers
.Pink Salmon
.Potato Omelet
.Pasta (Ravioli – Noodle)

Adress: 1237 San Martín street, Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz - Patagonia - Argentina

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