Bus Perito Moreno to EL Calafate x ruta 40

Buses en Perito Moreno

Availability: 15/11 al 28/02

Bus Perito Moreno a EL Calafate.
Perito Moreno, means of transportations, buses tickets

.Season from 01th november to 28th february.
.Departures: All odds days(1,3,5,7,9,etc)
.Departure time: + - 06.30 PM
.Departure place: Perito Moreno bus station
.Estimated Arrival time:+ - 07.00 AM

.The schedules may be subject to modifications in case of contingencies.
.Not include transfer to the bus office or departure place.
.The travel agency is not responsible for cancellations or delays in long distance buses.
.In this service , we allow a case of about 20 Kg plus hand baggage, over that limit, the passenger must pay an additional amount for baggage excess.


To confirm the services you have to send an email to us sending the following details:

Passenger information

.Full names
.Passport #
.Date of birth
.Hotel Just in case we need to contact passangers

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