Estancia Cueva de las Manos

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Estancia Cueva de las Manos.
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The Estancia Cueva de las Manos (ex-Los Toldos) was created since the early 1900's for cattle ranching. From 1995 it was acquired by the
Family Molina, who in 1997 decided to open their quarters to receive guests in search of rest, relaxation and tranquility as ingredients
Basic of the great adventure.
In this way they inaugurated the family enterprise for the tourist exploitation.

Cueva de las Manos is managed by Alicia Molina and her children Natalia and Martín Molina. Within the limits of the establishment is located
The famous Cave of the Hands that gives the name to the Estancia.
In 1999, because of its unique importance it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In the place, you will find 45,000 hectares of pure nature, combined with the warmth and friendliness of the family attention.

We have accommodation according to your needs and preferences.


We have 9 rooms with private bathroom with a total capacity in the same of 22 people. Double, twin and triple rooms.
The restaurant has excellent gourmet food, with full breakfast service with coffee, tea, milk, toast, butter, jam, ham, cheese, yogurt and cereal.
Living room and reading room.


We have a cabin for 5 or 6 people with private bathroom.

Hostel or Hostel

It has 2 "wings".

.The "wing number 1" with 4 rooms divided with 2 beds "bunks" each and 3 bathrooms with shower.
. The "wing number 2" has capacity for 16 people in a single environment in beds "bunks" or "superposed" - 3 bathrooms with shower-

Address: Located northwest of the Province of Santa Cruz; 60 km from the city of Perito Moreno to the south by Route 40 (56 km of asphalt).
If you are traveling in the direction of "Sur-Norte" we are located approximately 70 kms north of Bajo Caracoles.

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