Pumalin National Park

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Pumalin National Park.
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The Pumalín National park has an area of ??317,000 hectares of native forest, where there were not even walking trails. These have been built
Gradually, so that the visitor has direct contact with the ancient forest, its native flora and always green. This was born as a private initiative in
1962 with 17000 hectares that corresponded to the Fund Reñihué

Pumalín Park is located in Region X of Chile and extends from the south of Hornopirén to some kilometers south of Chaitén. It is open to
Visits throughout the year and entrance is released. The slogan of the park is: "Your visit is a privilege and not a right"

It consists of different campsites, such as Sendero Cahuelmó, Camping Leptepu, Camping Vodudahue, Camping Rincón Bonito, Camping Fiordo Largo, Camping Sendero Hidden Waterfalls, Camping Pillan, Río Gonzalo Camping, Camping and Trail Tronador, Camping Lago Negro, Camping Lago Blanco and Campsite Sendero Amarillo


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