Pichicolo Hot Springs

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Pichicolo Hot Springs.
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Located in the commune of Hualaihué and easily accessible from Hornopirén, distant only nine kilometers from the village, the thermal baths of Pichicolo are conformed by
A set of natural and rustic pools, outdoors and clad in native wood, amid an exuberant vegetation and evergreen forest.
It has lockers, showers and toilet facilities.

Pichicolo has natural and rustic pozones, outdoors inserted in evergreen forest. Its infrastructure is covered in native wood, in different dimensions and has different components in its waters coming directly from the land, such as:

Nitrate, sulfate, magnesium, iron, zinc, among others, offering multiple benefits to its visitors.
In addition it has services of natural thermal baths, lockers, dressers, showers, hygienic services,
Snack services, the latter as complementary services.

Being located in the commune of Hualaihue, it is possible to carry out activities such as renting bikes, trekking along the larch trail in the Park
National Hornopiren.


November / December: Consult
January - February 09:30 AM to 21:30 PM (continued) Consult
March 11:30 AM to: 7:00 PM (continued) Seek


Address: Route 7 Carretera Austral Km. 91 - Hualaihue - Carretera Austral - Chile


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