Nautical tour of the fiords

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Nautical tour of the fiords.
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Duration: 6 to 7 hrs.
Difficulty: Low.
Capacity: A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants.
Location: 50 kilometers south of Hornopirén.
Timetable: Departure 08:00 hrs; Return 18:00 hrs.
Meeting point: Lahuán Cabinsor Hornopirén Ramp (Place to be agreed).
What to bring: Suitable clothing for the activity and weather, sunglasses, sunblock, hat and camera
Includes: Local guide, lunch, snack and transport.


The fiords,three massive geographical formations cut into the landscapeasthe glaciers made their way to the sea,are one of the district’s main highlights,
creating a 37 kilometer long strip of steep cliffs flooded by the sea at their opening and by melting ice from nearby slopes. Among the most remarkable are
the Comau, Quintepeu and Cahuelmó fiords. The first is the longest and 500 m deep, with sheer slopes both above and below water. Meanwhile, the Cahuelmó fiord is known for its hot springs and sea lion colony, which can be seen along the way.

The first fiord, Quintupeu, is not only breathtaking geographically, buthas a remarkable history, as it was the Dresden’shiding place,the only German boat to
survice the Battle of the Falkland Islands in 1915, packedfull of weapons, as well jewels, money, gold and treasured personal belongings that had been left on the boat by the Mexico’s German community, worried about the country’s chaotic political situation, fearing that their valuables could be stolen during those
dramatic times. But not only Germans entrusted the Dresden with their valuables, but also resident foreign and wealthy Mexican families whose belongings were
stashed away in a safe under the custody of the ship’s commander. However, when the ship was sunk, its treasure was lost forever. Legend tells that perhaps that treasure was not hidden in Cumberland Bay on Robinson Crusoe Island, but that the commander dropped the safe into the fiord as he sailed through, trying to dodge the imminent threat posed by English warships.

The fiord has a narrow entrance and huge waterfalls over steep walls up to 600 meters high where alercesof up to 3600 years old can be seen, as well as coihues, tepas, ulmos, and lengas, and where we can appreciate a wonderful view of the Yates and Hornopirén volcanoes. The view over the estuary and cliffs that drop into the sea is a sight you’ll never forget.

South of Hornopirén lies the giant Comau fiord that marks the beginning of Pumalín park. More than 68 km long, its crystal clear waters seem to be turquoise
because of the glacial sediments left by the Vodudahue River. In addition to the Yate and Hornopirén volcanoes, Michinmahuida Volcano’s frozenpeaks can be spotted.
Comau is home to a huge colony of sea lions that can be seen lying on the beach and the coastal rocks, as well as occasional groups of Humboldt penguins.



09:00 hrs:
Departure from Hornopirén to the Quintupeu, Cahuelmó and Comau fiords.

14:00 hrs:
A break at Cahuelmó fiord, to take photos, spot flora and faunaand enjoy a snack.

15:00 hrs:
Lunch on a boat in Quintupeu Fiord.

17:00 hrs:
Return through the fiordsand nearby townsthe launch passes on its way back.

19:00 hrs:
Arrival to Hornopirén, end of the activity.

Time required: Full day.
Type of activity: Recreation.

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