Cahuelmo Springs

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Cahuelmo Springs. 
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Duration: 5 to 6 hours.
Difficulty: Low
Capacity: A minimumof 4 and maximum of 6 participants.
Location: 1 hour by boat south of Hornopirén.
Timetable: Departure 09:00 hrs; Return 17:00 hrs.
Meeting point: Lahuán Cabinsor Hornopirén Ramp (Place to be agreed).
What to take: Suitable clothing for the activity and temperate climate, sunglasses, sunblock, sunhat, camera and bathing suit. 
Includes: Local guide, traditional lunch, snack and transport.

If you want to energizeyour body and soothe your mind while surrounded by incredible landscapesthis is the one for you. 50 kilometerssouth of Hornopirén, we find the spectacular Cahuelmó springs, fed by underground volcanic water directed through irrigation channels diverted to hollows in the rocks. The springs are rustic pools, a series of holes where thermal water distributed through small channels from its origin gathers, where visitors control the temperature by damming the water with clods of grass. There is a barbeque area and restrooms.


We travel by boat to the end of the Cahuelmó fiord where you will fall in love with the exquisite thermal waters, enjoy a traditional lunch, and a peaceful afternoon absorbing the water’shealing properties.



09:00 hrs. 
Departure from Hornopirén towards Cahuelmó fiord

11:00 hrs. 
Arrival at the fiord, to visit the springsand bathe in their waters, free time and photos.

14:00 hrs.
Traditional lunch.

16:00 hrs. 
Return to Hornopirén, time to take photos around the fiord.

18:00 hrs.
Arrival at Hornpirén, end of the activity.

Time required: Full day.
Type of activity: Recreational

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