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Extreme Sea and Land Tour Porcelain Geyser. Hornopiren travel packages


Duration: 2 days.
Difficulty: Medium-High.
Capacity: A minimum of 4 and amaximum of 6 participants.
Location: 1 hour south of Hornopirén by boat.
Timetable: Departure 09:00 hrs; Return the next day at 20:00 hrs.
Meeting point: Lahuán Cabinsor Hornopirén Ramp (Place to be agreed).
What to bring: Suitable clothes for the activity and the temperate weather, sunglasses, sunblock, sunhat, camera, bathing suit, trekking shoes
Includes: Local guide, traditional lunch, snack, transport and accommodation.


An hour and a half south by boat, towards the Comau fiord, lies a place full of adventures and unforgettable experiences. We begin at Comau channel,
overlooking Pelada and Llancahué Islands, mostly inhabited by traditional fishermen and muscle farmers, where we can see the mouth of the Quintepeu and Cahuelmó fiords.We then cross in front of Huinay, whose unusual coastal ecosystem bustles with endemic species such as anemones and cold water
corals (endemic to the area), before we arrive at the wharf at the entrance to Caleta Porcelana (Porcelain Cove) where we spend the night and share a meal
with the locals, taking part in the preparation of food gathered from nearby coasts, taking part in their activities and exchanging stories and experiences
over a traditional Southern mate (a tea served in a gourd and sipped through a metal straw).


The next day at 07:30 am we have breakfast and begin the land part of the tour to the Porcelana geyser, over a wild path, cutting a path over fallen trunks,
crossing three rivers and descending steep cliffs with the help a safety rope, and traversing lush native forests with their distinctive species such as the
tepú, luma and myrtle trees, spotting the forest’s birdlife. Then, almost at the end of the tour and with the smell of sulfur in the air, we realize that we
are getting close the geyser, where no one will refuse a well-deserved dip in a natural hot pool.


Thearea’s geysers are cone type geysers, found in silicon mounds named geyserites that erupt in a series of stable bursts. Like all thermal activity, geysers
are caused by contact between surface water and rocks heated by underground magma. The geothermally heated water returns to the surface by convection through porous and fractured rocks. Geysers differ from other thermal activities because of their underground structure: many have a small surface opening that is
connected to one or more underground tubes leading to the water reserves.



Day 1
09:00 hrs.
Departure from Hornopirén to Comau fiord.

11:00 hrs.
Arrival at the entrance to the fiord, time for taking photosand spotting local flora and fauna.

14:00 hrs.
Lunch and time to set up camp.

16:00 hrs.
A traditional mealmade by the local community and free time.

18:00 hrs.
Free time, end of the day’s activities.

Day 2
07:30 hrs.
Departure from the camp to the path that takes us to the geysers.

10:00 hrs.
Arrival at the geysers, free time forrestingand swimming in the hot pools.

13:00 hrs.
Lunch and return to the first camp.

16:00 hrs.
Arrival at the wharfto begin the trip back to Hornopirén.

19:00 hrs.
Arrival at Hornopirén, end of the activity.

Time required: 2 days.
Type of activity: Sports, Recreational.


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