Southern Patagonian Ice Expedition

All inclusive en El Chaltén

Availability: 01/11 al 01/03


Southern Patagonian Ice Expedition
El Chalten expeditions


Option 1: 10 days / 9 nights

Option 2: 8 days + 7 night


.Departures schedule


.07.10.2017 to  16.10 2017

.11.11.2017 to  20.11 2017 CONFIRM

.09.12.2017 to  17.12 2017 

.13.01.2018 to  21.01 2018 CONFIRM

.10.02.2018 to  18.02 2018

.10.03.2018 to  18.03 2018

10 days / 9 nights

The Southern Patagonian Ice Field is clearly one of the world’s last Terra Incognita. It’s a universe of ice and snow where few people have set foot.
What it more, it is Earth’s third largest glaciated area lying quite close to El Chalten, at the west of famous Fitz Roy. We offer you the opportunity
of going through the Ice Cap, sightseeing world-famous mountains such as Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre and walking all the length of Argentina’s biggest Glacier, Viedma Glacier.

The most westerly winds bring great amounts of snow, falling and building up on the plateaus and mountains of the Ice Cap throughout the year. As time goes
by, ice formed up there and later flow down the valleys. The Ice Cap and related glaciers become then a massive network of ice. The Southern Patagonian Ice
Field represents the third biggest mass of ice in the world after the Antarctica and Greenland sheets.

.Difficulty: Very demanding. Ice-Field expeditions are very tough since they require hiking over all kinds of terrain and in very isolated areas.
Winter camping experience is useful and day after day the party may encounter harsh conditions.
.6 to 10 hours walks.
.Clients have to carry their own equipment, and part of the general equipment. Aprox 20 – 25kg (Personal porters can be arranged).
.Moderate to big drops in altitude (400 to 1000 m).
.Lodging in tents or mountain huts.
.Previous experience in mountaineering and winter camping is desired.
.We recommend aerobic training before the trip.
.Snow, ice and rock climbing can be required during the ascent.

Day 1 | Arrival to El Chaltén –

Expedition briefing and equipment check

Arrival to El Chalten, a small town of 300 located at the foot of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. We’ll meet with the group members and Expedition Leader.
A General briefing about the schedule and instructions on how to use camping and technical gear will be provided by Fitz Roy Expeditions.
We’ll check the personal gear with the guide and rent anything you may need.

.Services: Mountain guide.
.Hotel Accommodation (not included)


Day 2 | Río Eléctrico Valley- “La Playita” Basecamp.

The day begins with a private transfer to the bridge over Eléctrico River, 15 Km northwest of El Chaltén, and the start point of our trek towards the base
of Marconi Glacier.

We will walk the first two hours on a well-marked path, through a forest full of Lengas and Ñires, alongside Eléctrico River. At the end of it, we’ll stop
some minutes in Piedra Del Fraile campsite (Refugio Los Troncos – property of Estancia Ricanor), last view of civilization before our return to El Chaltén,
at the end of the expedition. We will then enter into a great glacier valley surrounded by different mountains like “Treinta Aniversario” and “Marconi Sur”.
From Piedra Del Fraile, we will follow the southern shore of Lake Eléctrico, crossing moraines and rocky formations left by the glaciers less than 70 years ago.
Along the way, we will cross Pollone River walking. From there, we will be able to observe the North-west face of Fitz Roy. After one more hour of trekking,
we’ll get to the western shore of Lake Eléctrico. We will set-up our camp there, only 20 minutes away from Marconi Glacier. After a well-earned rest,
we might have some extra energy to explore the area. The participants, guides and other FRE supporting staff will carry the equipment and food.
You can ask in advance for personal private porters to carry your gear.

.Walking distance: 12 K (6 hours).
.Elevation gain: 50 mts.
.Services: Full board
. Accommodation: Tent

Day 3 | Marconi Glacier – Marconi Pass

We will wake up with dawn to start our daily routine of the expedition: breakfast, packing up of camp and backpacks, and trekking. Only after 30 minutes walking,
will get to the Marconi Glacier’s front. A gigantic scree moraine is our first obstacle; the terrain here is unstable and moves constantly.
Thus, there is no marked path. After this short but demanding stretch, we will climb on the glacier itself entering slowly in a kingdom of snow and ice.
This day might be the toughest of the expedition. We will go up 2400 ft (800 m) on ice and snow, using crampons, with guide and his team’s help.
Marconi Glacier creates a “bottle effect” with the winds coming from the Ice Field and the Pacific Ocean. Hence, participants will need to be not only physically,
but also mentally prepared to hike in a rain or snowstorm. At the end of the day, we will arrive at our second campsite, in the shadow of Marconi South Mt and only an hour away from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field itself. Our campsite offers fantastic sunsets and sunrises over the Fitz Roy Range, Cerro Pier Giorgio, and Gorra Blanca.

.Walking distance: 10 Km. (7/9 hours)
.Elevation gain: 800 mts.
.Services: Full board
.Accommodation: Tent


Day 4 | Ice Field: Marconi Pass– Circo de los Altares.

In the morning, we will cross the Marconi Pass. Guide and assistants will use sledge for the first time, carrying most of the general equipment (tents, food, gas…).
After hiking for an hour with snowshoes, we’ll find ourselves in an isolated land of rock and ice. The Patagonian Ice Field will open itself up offering us
fantastic views (if weather allows it) of Lautaro Volcano (still active) and Mariano Moreno Range (almost higher and much larger than Fitz Roy
After a long day hiking on the ice, we’ll reach the famous "Circo De Los Altares", at the foot of the mythic Cerro Torre's West face.
Here, we will set up our camp on the ice.

.Walking distance: 12 Km. (6/7hs. Hours)
.Elevation gain: 50 mts. - 100 mts. descent
.Services: Full board
.Accommodation: Tent

Day 5 | Ice Field: Circo de los Altares – Paso del Viento.

We’ll hike to “De Los Esquíes Lagoon”, on the lateral moraine of Viedma Glacier. Here we will exit the ice itself. If the weather and group member’s physical
conditions allow it, we will continue up to Paso Del Viento.

.Walking distance: 14 Km. (8 hours)
.Elevation gain: 250 mts descent and 250 mts ascent at the end of the day.
.Services: Full board
.Accommodation: Tent

Day 6 | Huemul Pass.


After leading lots of expeditions for more than 15 year, we decided to change the “regular” end of the expedition. We have decided to continue
the trip following Viedma Glacier towards Viedma Lake, instead of hiking up toward the “Paso Del Viento” and return to El Chaltén, as all companies do.
This new circuit, offered by Fitz Roy Expeditions, turns your experience more interesting and attractive as you keep in sight the Southern Patagonian Ice
Field and Viedma Glacier for two more days. During this day, we’ll sightsee the Andean steppe and lakes around “Cerro Huemul” with lakes.
Then, we will set up camp. Breathtaking views of the Glacier’s snout as it calves into Lake Viedma will be one of the last trip’s rewarding for us.

.Walking time: 6/7 hours.
.Distance: 8 Km
.Elevation gain: 200 mts ascent and 100 mts descent
.Services: Full board
.Accommodation: Tent


Day 7 | Viedma Lake –El Chaltén.

We’ll start our last trekking day towards the Viedma Lake and Cabo de Hornos Bay. Here, we’ll be picked up by our boat,
where we’ll finally get some good rest and enjoy a 30 minutes boat trip. Once at “Tunel Bay”, a transfer will take us back to “El Chaltén”.

.Walking distance: 5 Km. (2/3 hs. hours)
.Elevation drop: 600 mts steep descent
.Services: Full board
.Accommodation: Hotel (not included)

Day 8 and 9| Weather Days

To be used at any point of the Expedition. If the extra days are not necessary, the expedition and services provided by Fitz Roy Expeditions will
end the first evening after arriving at El Chalten.

.Services: Full board
.Accommodation: Tent

Day 10 |

End of our services.

.Mountain guides and assistant (1 assistant up to 4 participants, 2 assistants up to 8 ? Participants, 3 assistants up to 10 participants)

.Radio communication with our office in El Chaltén, and G.P.S. (global positioning System

.Double tents, cooking equipment and utensils.

.Mountain security gear (ropes, harnesses, carabiners, etc.)

.Crampons and snow shoes

.Transfer to the bridge over Eléctrico River and back to El Chaltén.

.Boat transfer to Bahía Túnel, and minibus to El Chaltén.

.Full board during the expeditions. Check the itinerary for the meals
.Double Tent accommodation. Check itinerary

  • Accomodation
  • Foods and Drinks
  • Crampons
  • Mountain guide
  • Tour Guide
  • LaunchBox

.Personal Equipment. (Please check the required equipment in this file). ? Transfers in/out El Chaltén. ? Hotel nights at El Chaltén.

.Personal porters (ask for private porters) ? Drinks in restaurants, and extra drinks.

.Personal expenses (tips, laundry, phone,etc)

.Extra nights in hotel in case of early return to the town.

.Any other service not mentioned as included in this document.

  • Personal Equipament

. People under 18 years old can not make it.

Day 8 and 9| Weather Days

To be used at any point of the Expedition. If the extra days are not necessary, the expedition and services provided by Fitz Roy Expeditions will
end the first evening after arriving at El Chalten.

Note / Observations

Participants do not need technical experience in the use of crampons or snowshoes. However, we ask for previous experience in camping and multi-day treks.
Participants will have to be self-sufficient in their cooking and need to help when setting-up camps with our staff’s helps staff before and during the expedition.


All group members carry their own gear as well as shared gear as tents, cooking equipment, etc. The proposed itinerary can be changed due to weather conditions
or other forced situations that put in risk the group security. The guides have the authority to change the itinerary programmed according to their criteria.
You can be sure the changes have two main objectives: to maximize security and succeed with the program. And they are based our guides knowledge and experience.


In El Chaltén you can rent mountain gear. Please confirm in advance because the stock is limited and incomplete.
We recommend for you to avoid natural fibers like cotton or wool because once they are wet they are difficult to dry.

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