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El Calafate Premium Ice trek 
El Calafate programs


.Season: From august to may.
.Duration: 4 days + 3 nights
.Dificultty: Moderate. Only for people between 10 and 65 years old.
.Physical Requirements: Passanger’s  with heart problems or physical mobility and pregnant women are not allowed.
.Outfit: Trekking shoes. Rubber and apres ski boots, as well as high heel shoes are not allowed. Comfortable sports wear, long trousers, warm sweater or pile, water or windproof jacket, sun glasses, sun block, gloves. A pair of extra socks to change after the ice trekking.
.Weather: Like all activity in the nature "all times" informed about duration of activities are approximate and depend largely on climatic 
factors always prioritizing comfort, safety and enjoyment of our customers.
.Vehicles: new models, air cond, heath, clean, insurances.
.Include transferz to and from your accommodation to the Glaciers National Park and Punta Banderas pier.





All Glaciers Ice rivers navigations



.Transfers in + out aiport transfers.


.Minitrekking Perito Moreno glacier ticket.


.All Glaciers navigation tickets.


.Transfers to the Glaciers national park ( 85 km.) in Minitrekking.


.Transfers to Punta Banderas pier (50 km.) in the navigation.


.Spanish/English tour guide.

  • Crampons
  • Tour Guide

Meals and beverages. We recommend passangers bring a lunchbox and 2 liters mineral water.


.Entrance fee to "The Glacier's National Park"

.Forigners non residents in Argentina ar$ 500.- pesos argentines
.Argentinian citizens ar$ 260.- pesos argentines
.Children under 16 to 06 years old ar$130.- pesos. (All nationalities)
.Children under 06 years old free. (All nationalities).
.Argentinian pensionist (Jubilados), people oldest than 65 years old free.
.Argentinian University students ar$ 40.- pesos argentines


.The entrance fee you will pay to the national park authorities the day of the tour.


  • Foods and Drinks
  • LaunchBox

.Childrens under 10 years old can not make it.

.Discount for childrens under 15 years old in Minitrekking.

.Discount in childrens under 16 years old in All Glaciers Ice River navigation.

.In order to apply this discount to minors, a copy of the ID must be sent before.

.Like all activity in the nature "all times" informed about duration of activities are approximate and depend largely on climatic factors always prioritizing comfort, safety and enjoyment of our customers.

.The programmes are based on  two pasangger's minimum,  individual pasangers enquire.

.The tour operator can modify the itinerary or shorten the tour depending on the weather conditions in order to avoid accidents, thus  making the best of each tour.

.Advanced reservations guarantee the  realisation of the tour. 

.If the return flight is not before  06.30 PM,  it can be made n 3 days + 2 nights.   

.Services begin and end at the passenger's accomodation within the City of EL Calafate. For hotels outside the El Calafate city area please enquire. 


.The following accommodations are not included in the pick up itinerary for the Minitrekking. If you are a passenger of one of them, you must report to the office # 935 Del Libertador street (El Calafate center) in the presentation hours informed on your voucher:


Hostería Austral, Hostel Patagonia, Hostel Shilling, Hotel La Loma, Apart Chaltén, Hotel Amado, El Puente Aparts, Apart Hotel Libertador, Hospedaje Alejandra,  Hostel Oregon, Camping El Ovejero, Cabañas Santa Mónica. Complexes of cabins, apartments and all accommodation that does not count with 24 hours front desk.



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