El Calafate/The City

El Calafate city, things to do and see in El Calafate


Due as much to the presence of the big lakes Argentino and Viedma as to its strategic location , the city of El Calafate is the starting point of all the region'sactivities, both inside and outside The Glaciers National Park.

Different excursions to the glaciers are carried out inside the area of the park, among which the Perito Moreno stands out, unarguably the leading star of the park,trekking on the glacier itself and endless navigations through the channels of Lake Argentino, visiting the huge glaciers Upsala and Spegazzini.

In the area surrounding Lake Argentino, a great number of alternative excursions to tourist resorts are organized, 4x4 off road adventures, rides of different ranges, tours full day to Torres del Paine and EL Chalten, fishing trips and trekking through endless paths, with the marvellous sights of the lakes and the Andes mountains as background.

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