La Zaina Resto & Bar

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Availability: Todo el Año

La Zaina Resto & Bar. 
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Pasta, Regional Food, Gourmet, cocktails, craft beers, wines

The Zaina, is a small restaurant where we focus primarily on the Patagonian regional food with tasty and hearty dishes, offering our customers a warm
and relaxed atmosphere where style decor with antique objects field and make dinner even more enjoyable. We have a broad and complete wine list from
all regions of Argentina and to round off a high quality cuisine have a cocktail bar and a variety of first class spirits.

.Leonardo Saracho (Bartender - Sommelier)

.Mariano Spataro (Sommelier)

.Adress: 1057 Gobernador Gregores Street - El Calafate - Santa Cruz - Patagonia - Argentina

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