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El Engaño SPA. 
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Monoambientes & Monoblocks

We have two types of buildings, which have been conceived with an architecture associated with the place, with clean forms, absence of eaves and a
 Geometry that recalls the geometric regularity of the hills that surround Chile Chico. Our proposal puts the value of landscape and light, as the principal
Search for design.

We have also opted for a structural technique based on SIP Structural Insulated Panel panels, which allows walls of thickness of
Up to 20 centimeters with a polystyrene core allowing an adequate thermo-acoustic control in buildings which added to the use of thermo panel windows
Provides a pleasant feeling of shelter and warmth to our facilities. Our Mono Environments are single-storey enclosures with an area of ??46 m2 with
Capacity for 4 people, has a bedroom connected to the main space through a glazed screen. Its large central space privileges the stay
 Day so that our passengers, whether alone or in groups, can comfortably enjoy the landscape through their large windows or can have fun
 And share peacefully a good evening in a space that welcomes you warmly.
In this central space two beds are located on a daybed that functions as a sofa and at night they are deployed allowing the accommodation of two passengers
 More inside the enclosure

Our Monoblocks are two-storey buildings with a surface area of ??52 m2, with capacity for 4 to 6 people, two bedrooms and
Forming a single structural block, thus collecting some extra thermal benefits.
The site is designed to enjoy the landscape front from the second floor of each of the Monoblocks and a more intimate stay when you are in
the first floor. Also here we have designed thinking about group or family use with larger spaces such that indoor activities, when outside
The cold chill, be warmly contained.
Both our Mono environments and our Monoblocks have community parking so as not to allow the presence of vehicles immediately
 To each one of the buildings avoiding to obstruct the views to the landscape or the generation of annoying noises.

Adress: Direccion: Chacra El Engaño S/N - Chile Chico - Aysen - Patagonia - Chile

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