Chaiten/The City

Chaiten, The city


Located in the Gulf of Corcovado halfway between Puerto Montt (204 km) and Coyhaique (420 km) Chaiten is the capital of the province of La Palena,
It is accessed through the bimodal route /Ferry and road), then sea and land routes through Route 7.


In May 2008, the eruption of the Chaitén volcano caused the evacuation of all the inhabitants of the communal capital, turning the city of Chaitén almost in a ghost town. The main economic activities are the agricultural, fishing and tourist services.

Currently the town is recovering normality, has all the services, food markets, banks, ATM, hotels, Inns, cabins, hostels and restaurants and typical cuisines of the south of Chile.


Chaiten is connected by land by the Carretera Austral (Route CH-7) that connects in a north-south direction Caleta Gonzalo with the communal capital, Puerto Cárdenas,Villa Santa Lucia and the southern limit with the XI Region of Aisén. In Villa Santa Lucía there is a bifurcation to the east, through Route CH-231 that reaches Puerto Ramirez and connecting Chaitén with Futaleufú, Palena, Las Juntas and Coyhaiqueal south. None of these routes are asphalted, except for some stretches in the near the town.


By sea it is connected to Puerto Montt and the big Island of Chiloé through direct ferries. Occasional services to otherslocalities, in high season (november to march)  some ships from Puerto Montt stop in Chaitén towards Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas.


In Chaiten there is a small aerodrome that allows the air transport of small aircraft with flights made by local airlines, mainly have destination to El Tepual Airport or La Paloma Aerodrome, both in Puerto Montt.


Chaiten offers different activities options for experienced adventurers and for beginners, especially hiking, mountaineering, Mountain biking, kayaking and fishing on Lake Yelcho, tours to Pumalín Park or relax in the thermal baths of El Amarillo hot springs.


In the same way and following the indications of the authority, also can be made ascents to the Chaitén volcano , be aware to the conditions of the massif and be attentive to the recommendations to achieve a unique experience of its kind. Also only accompanied by a crazy mountain guide  is possible ascending to the Corcovado volcano (2,300 meters )for which it is necessary to have several days to wait for the appropriate weather conditions.


Pumalín Park

It is a wild protected area of ??private character, that counts on more than 300 thousand hectares located in the middle of Carretera Austral. In its interior the visitor can make trekking, besides to realize diverse routes of trekking or to rest in its zones enabled for the camping.


Caleta Gonzalo

It is the entrance or exit of Chaitén towards the route Bimodal, is located 56 km from the urban radio and has cabins, toilet and restaurants

Dependent of the Pumalín Park


Chaitén Volcano 

Distant to 10 kilometers, this massif does not surpass the thousand meters of height and represents an emerging pole of tourist attraction for the lovers of the hiking.

Depending on the conditions, this volcano may present some restrictions on its ascent, therefore it is recommended to consult or are attentive to the indications of the authority.


Amarillo Hot springs

Being a little more than 30 minutes from the urban radius, these hot springs have a temperature that can reach 50º C in the middle of Leafy forests.


Puerto Cárdenas

It is located on the shores of the northeastern sector of Lake Yelcho and 45 minutes from the Plaza de Armas. It is one of the points of reference for lovers of recreational fishing.


Yelcho Lake

It is the largest tributary of the entire province of Palena, is ideal for recreational fishing. Here there are fishing lodges that are totally equipped to receive the tourists specialized in this activity. It is located 45 kilometers from Chaitén and is surrounded by hills and glaciers which feed its crystalline waters.


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