Hornopirén Ferry - Leptepu and Largo Fjord - Caleta Gonzalo

Barcaza/Ferry en Chaiten

Availability: Todo el Año

Hornopirén Ferry - Leptepu and Largo Fjord - Caleta Gonzalo


.Season: All year round
.Departures: Every day
.Departure time: 10:30 AM
.Duration: 5 hours both ferrys




.Hornopirén- Caleta Leptepu (Navigation + - 4 hours)
.Caleta Leptepu- Long Fjord (Road 10km rubble)
.Fiordo Largo- Caleta Gonzalo (Navigation 30 minutes navigation)
.Caleta Gonzalo-Chaitén (Road + - 60 km of gravel)


.Departure times and duration of the trip subject to weather and tide conditions.
.Always check 12 hours before departure time.
.A maximum of 2 luggages is allowed for each passenger without a vehicle, as a luggage, bag, backpack or bag.
.Transportation of vehicles, motorcycles, passengers and bicycles.

This route is made by combining sea and land routes. Beginning in Hornopirén, capital of the commune of Hualaihué and considered the
 "North Gate of the Southern Highway".

The navigation between Hornopirén and Caleta Leptepu, is carried out traveling approximately 33 nautical miles, in a trip of an estimated duration of 4 hours by The Comau Fjord, which receives the waters of the Vodudahue river.

The Comau Fjord is flanked by high mountains, steep banks and runs from Caleta Pichanco in the north, to Caleta Leptepu in the south.

In the northern sector receives the waters of Quintupeu Fjord and a little more to the south of the Cahuelmó Fjord, these fjords penetrate towards the Andes Mountain range.
In our barges you can appreciate the splendor of the beauty of the Comau fjord. In the area there are thermal centers, scientific diving and research, sailing courses, among other activities.


Once disembarked in Caleta Leptepu, it must realize a trip by land of 10 kilometers until Caleta Fjord Largo, from where another shuttle that sets it
Take Caleta Gonzalo, in a 45-minute trip across the Reñihue fjord, with imposing landscapes of thick native flora that dress the walls of
Stone that make up this maritime passage.

Finally, when arriving at Caleta Gonzalo the trip by land is resumed traveling 60 kilometers of way until the city of Chaitén.

To make this trip requires the purchase of tickets, through our Webpay or in our offices.

The canceled rate is valid for both sections (Hornopirén - Leptepu and Fjord Largo - Caleta Gonzalo), and the timetable for the presentation of passengers by car is two hours before the departure.


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