Chacabuco to Quellon, Chiloe Ferry

Barcaza/Ferry en Chaiten

Availability: Todo el Año

Chacabuco to Quellon, Chiloe Ferry


Cordillera Route

The so - called "Cordillera Route" runs through the Quellón - Melinka - Raúl Marín Balmaceda - Sto. Sunday - Melimoyo - Pto. Gala - Pto. Swans -
Pto. Gaviota - Pto. Aguirre - Pto. Chacabuco. According to cargo needs, the trip takes about 32 hours. There are 2 weekly tours on the Queulat barge.

.Departures: All year
.Departure days and time: Monday 08.00 PM
.Check in: 07.00 PM
.Departure days and time: Friday 12.00 noon
.Check in: 11.00 AM
.Departure place: Quellon pier.
.Duration: + - 32 horas
.Stopovers: Melinka, Raúl Marín Balmaceda, Santo Domingo, Melimoyu, Puerto Gala (Isla Toto), Puerto Cisnes, Puerto Gaviota (Caleta Amparo).
Puerto Aguirre
.Capacity: 285 passangers
.Seats: normal seats. Cabins not available.


.Sailing schedule and trip duration are subject to climate and sea conditions.
.Always check 12 hours before departure time.
.Passengers must arrive one hour before departure and the vehicles two hours earlier.
.Each passenger without a vehicle is authorized a maximum of 2 packages as hand luggage, whether suitcase, backpack or bag.


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